March 19, 2011

Newest addition to the family, our Titan

Well, here it is! Our 2004 Nissan Titan. I held off as long as I could after we sold the Tahoe, which was October, but SUMMER is coming and the boating season will soon be upon us, so it was time.
Although she's a few years old, mileage is very low and the interior is perfect! We got a screamin' deal on her too, one we just couldn't pass up! 

And to add to her awesomeness, she came with a carpet kit!
(for those of you who don't know what that is, it's carpeted seating that lines the bed of the truck)
We have zero need for a carpet kit, but one day we'll have kids that will love it. For now, it will sit in our basement taking up some much needed space.

See, already pulled a boat to the lake! 

Come on summer, we're ready!

March 15, 2011

Back to the blogging world!

Hey y'all! It's been a while... Lots has happened but minimal pictures have been taken, so here we go

I took this the other day... It's just too adorable!

Morgan at the Boat Show. Fred's Marine gave out mustaches, they were a huge hit! Here are a few stache pictures... 

How cute is this little guy?! Baby Chuck Norris!

We put up new exterior doors, the first is the front door and the second is our side door. They have been so wonderful!
I've been attending Weber State this semester, majoring in Secondary Education, Physical Education

I've been missing these puppies like crazy! I hope they are loving life with their new families!

We bought a new computer! With both of us in school, or soon to be going to school, we needed something that would allow us to look at and do homework... Our 6 year old laptop wasn't cutting it!

This week is the International Sportsmans Expo. Fred's Marine, my Dad's boat shop, will be there selling Tracker boats, Sanuks, Sherpani Bags, and Hapari swim suits. If you don't know what any of these things are, go to and look them up. Sanuks are sandals, Sherpani bags are multi purpose bags, and Hapari is modest swimwear that is so cute! And very durable! So go online, come to the Sportsmans Expo, or next week come into Fred's to see everything!

No baby news... Hopefully soon. Just trying to stay patient.

Happy Spring Break!
And Happy St. Patrick's Day. I can guarantee another post won't come before then...