October 18, 2010

Last few dam jams

Clint, he's awesome!

Nate, awesome as well!

Derek, awesome!

One of several skis.

The beautiful water.

The driver, Jed.

Me skiing. I'm not video worthy yet...

And last the best of all the game! Rachel skiing. Look at that spray!

Lake Mead - family tradition for 15 years

This past weekend we went to Lake Mead. My family has been going there for UEA weekend 15 out of the last 16 years. Yes, we've only missed one year. Very impressive! We had perfect weather the entire trip and pure glass in the afternoons. Only one major accident to report: While Brooke was surfing behind the Tige, they came across an extremely random and shallow spot of land, which immediately brought the Tige to a halt sending my niece Sydney flying over the front. Brooke, who was still surfing, had no idea what just happened, but noticed she was getting to the boat extremely quick so she swerved to make the surf board miss the boat, instead making herself hit. Brian, who was driving the boat, pulled Sydney out of the water just in time for Brooke to see it. Such a random, unexpected, and unavoidable accident, luckily everyone was safe!

At the bottom of this ramp is where we launched our boats last year... The water was so low we had to take the dirt road around to the new ramp, a good mile away. Yet another reason we hit land.

Brady, what a stud! He and his buddies are starting their own label, RAYNE (notice the hat).
What's the weather forecast today? Cloudy with a chance of RAYNE!

Tige with Brooke getting ready to wakeboard.

The Blackhurst family and their Mobius.

Ulrich's Calabria. We almost sank this boat last year in a wicked storm...

Syd and Morgan ready to get boating!

Baby Sienna hangin at the hotel.

Another plug for RAYNE

Uncle Mike skiing like a champ!


Mama Karin

Me skiing

Jennifer skiing for the first time!

My mom is cooler than yours, she still water skis!

Last few moments on Lake Mead... Sad day.

We did a lot more stuff, but that is it for the pictures I took... Hope you enjoyed!