February 2, 2010

Good weekend

First off I'm horrible at remembering to take pictures. We got to go to Park City on Saturday, to visit the Williams family and I took ZERO pictures of Mom, Dad, baby Addie, or my neices holding baby Addie for the first time. I'm working on it!
It was a beautiful day so a few of us went on a quick walk and these are a few pictures from it...


Kip- King of the Hill
The gang minus me (behind the camera)
Kip- King of the Fence
Grandpa, Hadley, and Tyler

Later that day we went to the Outlets. I didn't have money to shop my little heart out, so I kept my eyes on the people. I mean, come on, it's Sundance! It worked out for me! We saw Matt Harpring, the ex-Utah Jazz player. We passed him walking and I turned to Kip and said (loud enough for him to hear) Kip, it's Matt Harpring! He clearly heard me and looked our way. Kip waved as we all kept walking. Lucky for him he was on his cell phone... If he wasn't I probably would have made him stop and take pictures with all of us. He is one good looking man!

I found THE BEST purchase at one of the Outlets... Please don't mind my post-running upper half...
That's right! A SNUGGIE! Best purchase ever! I love it and have taken it everywhere with me, except for work. It might go tomorrow...