May 22, 2011

One and done!

Saturday, May 21, 2011 I participated in the Ogden Marathon, 26.2 miles. I have always wanted to do just one marathon, and I did it! My official time was 5 hours and 18 minutes, so not the fastest but I don't care, I finished! 
This is at the start line. Thousands of people!

 Here's my bib. This is something I'm definitely going to keep!

After many miles and a lot of pain, I finished!

 Just to get this...

 And it was totally worth it! Yesterday I wouldn't have said that, but today I don't regret it at all! Yes it was hard, yes my body hurts, yes I cried as I crossed the finish line, and no I probably won't do another, but it was worth it.

One more item to check off my bucket list!

Thanks to my awesome family and friends that stuck around to support me. 
You kept me going!