June 21, 2010


Over the weekend I was lucky enough to participated in the 2010 Ragnar! Biggest Relay race in the world, by the way! My uncles own Ulrich & Associates, an accounting firm in Ogden. They registered 2 teams this year. Thanks a million for letting me be a part of this a 2nd time! Team 10 Keyed Up consisted of me, Brady Ulrich, Ashley Ulrich, Tasche Ulrich, Chuck Ulrich, and Jed Johnson in Van #1. Van #2 had Elyse Greiner, Camille Carver, Amanda Ulrich, Jennifer Ulrich, Erik Okelberry, and Jamey Price. The other team was It All Adds Up, but I don't know all their names... Everyone did AWESOME! We ran from Logan to Park City, 189 miles, in 28 hours, beating last years time by 1 hour! Great job and congrats to all those that ran! Here's a few race pictures...

 At the starting line with Sione from the Biggest Loser! Such a cool guy!

Exchange #1. Giving Brady a smack in the butt to get going!

Brady running

Exchange #2. At this point we were neck and neck with the other team!

Exchange #3. Tasche handing off to Ashley.

I was awful and missed exchange #4... Sorry Jed and Ash! This is Exchange #5, Jed handing off to his father-in-law Chuck! Jed just ran 7 miles up Avon, a dusty dry road that is all uphill. Brutal but Jed killed it!

This was our car. A ten key is a calculator, you know, because we're accountants?! 

Ashley running in the night! I think this was a little after 10pm...

Ashley handing off to Jed for his final run!

Jed handing off to Chuck for his final run! Almost done!

Chuck handing off to Elyse! Our van is DONE!

Team 10 Keyed Up finished! Getting some much needed food in Park City!

This is Jed.

The finish line. Finally.

And we're done! Got our medals and all! Team 10 Keyed Up minus Tasche.
Top left: Me, Brady, Chuck, Jed, Amanda, Jamey
Bottom left: Elyse, Ashley, Camille, Jennifer, Erik
Fabulous job team!

And this just grossed me out...

Yep, all those guys are in speedos.

Oh, and here are a few cute puppy pictures!

All their eyes are open! So adorable!

June 12, 2010

Running family!

Yes, thats right! I have converted Kip to running! He said the only way he will run is if it's after a basketball, baseball, or soccer ball. On Memorial Day we participated in a 5K in Syracuse. 
Kip told me he'd run the 2011 Ogden Marathon with me, so I had to put it on record so he never forgets!

Kip and I after the race. We didn't win anything...

Whoa! He's fast!

Jess & Tyler! Tyler took 2nd in his age group, even though it was the wrong age group! 

Kevin also ran, but he was busy getting his 3rd place medal! Great job family!

And this is Kip and I at Brian and Emily's wedding! Kip and Brian are best friends since childhood, and we're so happy he found Emily! They're perfect together! Congrats to the new Gibsons!

June 10, 2010

It's a miracle!

Watching Zoie give birth to her four pups was truly a miracle! She knew exactly what to do. She had all 4 puppies between 12:30am and 5:30am Sunday morning, June 6th.


 This is a week before she had puppies. Can't really tell but she was pretty big!

Zoie 4 days after having pups. Such a trooper! She's been such a good mama. Whenever a puppy whines she goes running to check on them!

Saturday night I was working at the Greenery. I came home to Kip, my mom, and 3 sisters, Emily, Ashley, and Amy. Earlier that night, about 8:30, Zoie's water broke. We knew the puppies were on their way! 
Above is boy puppy #1. He came out breach, and we were told if that happens we'd have to help her get the pup out. I'm pretty sure we unnecessarily freaked out right off the bat, but in the end the pup came out just fine. It took Zoie a minute to figure out what to do, but she got right to cleaning! They snuggled right up until it was time for #2.

Time between #2 and #3 was pretty short, so I feel awful I didn't get one of #2 right after. Sorry for the kinda nasty picture, there could have been worse, trust me! Pup #2, a boy, is also black and white, laying on top of pup #1 at the top of this picture above. Pup #3, yet another boy, is dark brown like is dad!

And this is pup #4, a little girl! Also dark brown like her dad. She was the last born, about 5:30am.

Love this picture! Like mother like son!

This little guy is one of my favorites! Of course they're all my favorite, but I love the white tip on his tail!

All 4 snuggled up! This is how they are when mom isn't around. I can't wait until their little eyes open and they are playful! It's going to be a fun 6 to 8 weeks while we have them!

We will be selling all 4 pups. Pricing is to be determined, but let me know if you're interested! For now, we're enjoying our time being grandparents!