September 3, 2011

Winding down summer with a BANG!

Lets go back to the first of July...

The wonderful Child family again allowed us to go to Lake Powell with them.
**Interesting fact**
Kip and I, along with my cousin Susan, set up Jed Child with my cousin Amanda Ulrich
They just happen to be getting married in a week.
Kip and I are pretty excited.







Curtis and Jed
Another extremely fun Lake Powell trip. Not sure how we'll ever repay the Child family, but maybe getting one of their sons married is a start... ;)

Kip's sister Bri and her family, Mike, Trent, Garrett, and Zack, were in town from China when we got home. I took zero pictures but we had SUCH a great time while they were here!
They live so far away, guess we'll just have to go visit.

Now fast-forward to the end of August

For the second year in a row Kip and I went to Lake Powell with the company Living Scriptures. They pay Fred's Marine (both mine and Kip's employer, also my Dad) to rent a boat and driver for the week. We, again, were the lucky ones able to go! 
Drove down Sunday afternoon and got on the lake Monday morning. 
Many of you began school that same Monday morning.
I must say it felt so much better being at Lake Powell!

We met so many great people.

It is very rewarding to see everyone doing what they wanted to do, and knowing you taught them how to do it. The smiles and excitement are so contagious!

I mostly took pictures of those we taught to surf, wakeboard, and ski, so this post won't have many pictures. It's basically leading into the next adventure.

Best. Driver. Ever.

This picture of me was taken the day we left Lake Powell, Friday.
I participated in the Bear Lake Brawl Triathlon Saturday morning.

Left Lake Powell at 7:00pm Friday night

Arrived home in Ogden at 1:30am

Went to bed at 2:00am

Woke up at 3:30am and drove to Bear Lake

Did a triathlon and loved every second of it! Yes, driving was exhausting, but Kip was a champ and did the majority of it. I love that man, he is so considerate.

Setting up my transition station.

Before-the-race shots
from left: Britanie, Me, Amber, Rachel

Kevin (Kip's Dad), Britanie (Kip's sister), and me

Me, Amber, and Rachel

Done swimming. We had to run through AWFUL sand for about 100 meters. Sucked.

Crossing the finish line. Yes, I did bike, but no pictures. 

In spite of no sleep, I improved my overall time from last year, which was my goal.

We had quite the group participating this year.

siblings: Amy, Ashley, Steve (basically a brother), Brady, Emily, Brooke

in-laws: Kevin and Britanie

aunt and cousin: Kathy and Ivy

friends: Rachel and Amber

wonderful support: Kip, Mom & Dad, Brian, and Clint (Rachel's husband)

All of us placed, and a few even got medals! Congrats to everyone!

It's more fun to do these activities with people you know.
If you ever want to do one, get others involved!

All in all it was another great summer!

Can you feel it? The crisp morning air? I personally love it, Fall is probably my most favorite season.

With my birthday and Halloween, why wouldn't it be?!

Now bring on school.