July 16, 2009

Heaven on Earth

Surfer chick Rachel
Kip surfing at night. Yes, that's the moon.
It was fun to watch the moon rise over that ridge.
So the story behind these poker chips: the girls went for a walk. While we were gone the boys decided to go for a midnight surfing ride. The girls get back to the house boat, find the boys gone, get pissed off because we weren't invited, so we leave them a nasty note and go to bed. In the end the boys apologized and we were never left out again. Girls rule!
This paddle board was the best! Piece of cake with one person, but throw on another person and it's a little harder. Our goal was 3 but we never got it...
Happy Birthday to Cassie!
Queen Patti and King Lon on the paddle surf board.
Nap time! At least one a day, fabulous!
Our home for the week.
Our backyard.
The Child's invited us again to Lake Powell this year. We can't thank them enough! We had such a great time! THANK YOU CHILD FAMILY! You're the best!

4th of July

Tradition! We kind of broke tradition and ran the 10K, not the 5K, this year. It was fun! Well, I had fun, I can't speak for everyone else... The best part of the day was crossing the finish line and knowing the next item for the day was LAKE POWELL!!!

Waterfall Canyon Hike

The clan!

I took our Young Women on a hike up to Waterfall Canyon. It was such a beautiful hike! I recommend it right now!