September 28, 2010

While the husband's away...

Kip went to Missouri to learn more about Tracker boats. While he was gone I kept plenty busy by...


Decorated for Halloween

Ate at the places I love but Kip hates

Watched movies and did loads and loads of laundry

And went on walks with this little lady!

I really HATE when Kip has to leave for work. Luckily it's not too often... 
But I did enjoy my alone time...

September 2, 2010

... still catching up

I am the 2nd councelor in the Young Womens, so I got to go to Girls Camp! And guess who got to tag along... Kip!
The first day we packed everything up and headed to the Twin Falls, Idaho temple to do baptisms for the dead. On our way we blew a tire on the small trailer we were towing, so that set us back an hour or so. But we made it and almost everyone did baptisms. I stayed out with a few girls and another leader and we got new tires on the trailer and went to the mall. I'm only telling you all this because I don't have any pictures...

Thsi is everyone at the temple. We carried on to camp & set everything up.

Check out their cool Arctic Circle?!

AND Idaho's sweetest car wash?!

Day 2 we went to Shoshone Falls. Beautiful. We took a hike around Dierkes Lake and then swam & cliff jumped. The lake was VERY cold. But it was really fun!

Everyone on the hike.

Cliff jumping. The water was so clear you could see everything below you.
Kind of scary but it was really deep. Almost everyone jumped!

More view of the lake. It was pure glass but they don't let any motor boats on it. Just paddle boats.

Day 3 we stayed at camp and worked on crafts and certification.
Day 4 we went rafting on the Snake River.

 It was mostly calm with a few rapids. 
The picture above is the first group almost finished with their first rafting ride.

Kip's raft.

Amy's raft with a few of our young women.

I didn't get any pictures of our raft battles, but that was a memorable experience! Amy's husband Justin would jump rafts, push or pick up girls and throw them in the river. We had some awesome battles!

All packed up ready to go home. We were all exhausted by this time! Kip and I really had fun at camp. We hope all the girls did as well!

Oh, and this is Linda's van on the drive home. Awesome.

A few days after Girls Camp we left for Lake Powell yet again... This was my 3rd trip and Kip's 2nd. We went with the company Living Scriptures. They rented a boat and driver from Fred's Marine for the week. Kip was the lucky one chosen and I tagged along! We had a really fun time and enjoyed meeting everyone!

This is for you diehard boaters! This is what we woke up to... How can you not ski that glass?

Good morning! Skiing is probably the best way to start a morning in Lake Powell! Yes, that's me.

Drivers for the week, Kip and I.

I LOVE this picture! Steven is the boarder in the water.

Janice. This is her first time wakeboarding and she got up! She was one of the few girls on this trip...

Janice Steven and Parker roasting giant marshmallows on the stove. It worked!

Nightly movies with the projector. Good times!

We usually had 2 movies going becaues not everyone wanted to watch the same stuff... Nice Casey.

This is my 2nd cousin Mike Ulrich.


We took a drive on Sunday and look what we found!!!

Skiing down the slide. No injuries but one was EXTREMELY close.

Poor Shane and his Bayliner (aka Babeliner). He left to call his family and when he came back he was attacked by his employees with water balloons!

Thanks for a great week in Lake Powell Living Scriptures!

FINALLY the last event of summer 2010, my triathlon! Between all of those trips I had to make time for running and biking, I got plenty of swimming in! Not much bike training, but I was confident I could hack a 12 mile bike ride, I was mostly worried about the swim! I competed in the Bear Lake Brawl. Friday night, the night before, the weather was awful! A storm came and took 2 of the 3 swim buoys to Idaho, so our start times were pushed back so they could get everything set again. Luckily Saturday morning was beautiful and we were able to do all 3 events. 
Putting our wetsuits on. Gotta show of the markings!

All wetsuited up and ready for my swim!

Hot, I know! But it's purple, my favorite color!

There were over 700 participants, not including spectators, and I set up my station right by Jess Kilgore and Sally Cantwell! What are the odds?!

I was too nervous/excited to act normal... This is my sister-in-law Brooke. She had a baby 4 months ago... Way to go Brooke!

Swim: check

Bike: finished

Run:completed in better time than I thought...

First triathlon: DONE!
I loved it! It's much more challenging that just running, Even though I hate swimming, I'd love to get better at it. Triathlons are my new love... Thanks Brooke for doing it as well!

September 1, 2010

Playing catch-up

I noticed this morning that my last post was the first of July... Yeah, that's how busy our summer has been!

To kick off summer, we first went to Lake Powell with the Child's. Best family ever! 
Thank you so much for inviting us!
Front row (from left): Preston & Cassie Costley, Patti & Lon Child, Rachel & Clint Child
Back row (from left): Kip and I, Kelli Child, Curtis Child, Jed Child, Mitch Child, Blake Montgomery, Adam & Amber Deibert.
Best Lake Powell crew ever!

We did a lot of surfing. The thing on Kip's head is called the GoPro camera. It's a waterproof 
video camera and we got some cool shots with it!

Told ya, lots of surfing!

I learned how to slalom (sp?) ski! And I love it!

Attempting to create a slip-n-bleed

We built amazing sand castles!

And did some crazy stunts... Blake is wakeboarding and Preston is laying on a tube with the GoPro video camera. Preston got some pretty great shots!

Nap time!

... It's not a true Lake Powell trip until you run out of gas at least once!

Here is my wonderful surfer husband doing a 360!

Thanks again to the Child's. We had an amazing time!

Next up is the Conolly family Lake Powell trip. Kip had to stay home and work, which sucked, but I still somewhat enjoyed myself!
Disclaimer** special thanks to my sis Emily and sister-in-law Brooke for the pictures. 
I didn't take a single one!

Can you imagine going from this...

... to this in the same hour? Yeah, scariest Lake Powell storm yet! The waves were huge, big enough to surf on! We had to redo all the anchors and save our fishing boat from sinking! 

That waterfall should not be there... It rained really hard and really long.

This is all of us holding the house boat in place so we could reset the anchor. the rain was PELTING us, it hurt so bad!

Then Brady cheered us all up with his redneck self!

Morgan jumped to me another 1,000 times.

And the Ulrich men had some good fishing! 
I guess Lake Powell fish make good fish tacos. I wouldn't know, I don't eat fish.

Don't worry, one more post is to come! There's still a lot to share...