August 5, 2012

Some spare time... For now...

Really?! Almost a year ago was when I posted last? Got some catching up to do... First and foremost:

I'm getting fat, but for a good reason! We've got a little BOY baking away, he'll be here in December! It's been a long wait for him, but we couldn't be happier.

Now back to catching up... I chopped 1 foot off of my hair and donated it in October 2011.



My little sister Ashley married Steve Stringham December 17, 2011.

Went to a circus in January.

Found out we were pregnant April 1, 2012.
(In Kip's defense I had just woken him up with this stick in his face)

Went to China with the Whetton's in April/May.
Us at the Great Wall.

Jess, Steven, Kip, and I in Tiananmen Square.

Ate some pretty crazy things... 

... more at the Great Wall. Probably our favorite place.

Met some original bound foot women.
(with Kip's sister Bri and her boys Trent and Garret) 

This food is more up my alley... There were six of us and we ate every last bite.

Spent Memorial Day weekend at our cabin, relaxed, rode horses.

Of course getting in plenty of boating.
July was crazy busy.
It was not acceptable that our first time on the water was July 3rd though...

Lake Powell.
We slacklined between the houseboat docks. And yes, a few made it across.
Amber had the best form by far.

Kip made it.

Clint made it. (Not this go around, but another time)

Kelli came so close...

Adam made it too!

Surfing in the rain.


Rachel and Baby C.

Our home for the week. Makin' Waves.

 Watching the boat click over to....

500 hours!

Met this little fella on Monday, July 16th.

Flew to Vegas for Mattie & Nate's wedding, July 21st.
We go way back. Part of the best soccer team EVER! Rebels for life!

Threw one of my best friend's, Rachel, a baby shower on the 28th.

And now you're up to date with our life, for the most part.

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Jamie said...

So happy for baby boy!! You are sooo cute!!
Hey, you have a pic of Dana Hinds! Her daughter Kristi is one of my best friends!
Let me know if there's a greenery baby shower!